Oscar Lara en cheLA, Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano, Buenos Aires, 2011

On October 2011, I found essential to publish a larger documentation of the development of my research project, Recycled Beings (2009 – 2012), because of the different formats and directions that the project was taking. It was very demanding to maintain a predefined approach as the contexts and subjects that I was having access to, were out of my control. That is why I decided to collect the different experiments and artistic products that were tested in the project in this website. 

I started this project looking for answers to the need I was feeling of saying something about immigration and integration policies in the country I am based, Sweden. I decided to research people that were interacting with me in certain way, just for trying to understand how their adaptation processes have been during their time in this new society.

My work, since several years has been focused on my own capacity of adaptation to new environments trying to push myself as close as possible into the condition of an inert being who must capture energy and experience from the surroundings such as people, objects, and nature. My suggestion was that adaptation processes can have similarities for human beings than from any object which pass through a change of location. During the development of my very specific interest in this subject, I found myself shifting many times into the social problematics that adaptation processes tent to carry along with. I like to think that my awareness for researching the nature of materiality in objects was because of my sculptural training but lately I have become more and more attracted to the action of relocation and its consequences, and once again this can be the result of my constant immigrant condition.

Born in Lima, Peru and educated at the School of Fine Arts of the Catholic University of Peru until the age of 24, I left the commodities of a chaotic Lima for the sometimes well-structured Australia. As most of art students from Lima who were finishing their careers on the early 2000’s the need of a specialization overseas seemed to be the obvious thing to do. I was awarded a master’s degree from the University of Wollongong and after a few years in Australia and because of what seems to be one of the most common reasons of what I now call: a ‘high class’ immigration; I relocated to Gothenburg – Sweden, because of family ties.